Almost all longboards, wheels, trucks and bearings are on stock now. Original longboards and Randal trucks will arrive later this week. All pending orders will be shipped this week, so they will just be in time to be deliverd before Xmas.
We will start 2010 with a full inventory. In the last weeks we have been building up this inventory. In the future we expect to be able to maintain the inventory to levels that immediately shipping on all orders is possible. Within 24 hrs after payment orders will be delivered.
In the last weeks we have proceeded in setting up the different distibutorships. The new additions were:
- ABEC11 (ABEC11, Retro and Pink wheels)
- Seismic (Seismic trucks, Seismic and 3dm wheels) 
- Randal trucks
- Oust bearings and wheels
- Tunnel wheels
The productline seems to be almost complete. In our opinion we represent the most interesting and best quality products in the longboard space. It is possible to order longboards with the regular setup, but it is also possible to order your own customized setup: any of the 41 longboard models, with your own setup of trucks, bearings and wheels! And throw in a Big Stick to increase the fun!
All products are being shipped to Surf2Go as we speak and will be available from December 15 th onwards. We will hold stock for our customers. After December 15th everything will be on stock and delivery is possible within 48hrs!