Compared to our Stock Update of October 24th, not much changed. On most products we are still quite good on stock.

Shipments of Koastal and Fullbag arrived, all models are on stock of both brands.

Orders from Rayne, EarthWing, Madrid, GatorGrip and Triple8 will be arriving next week.
Surf2Go promotes Penny. Front Runner is a trendsetting company in the fashionable streetwear and footwear segment, that has 11 retailstores across The Netherlands. To celebrate that Front Runner has the biggest collection of Vans shoes  they give away 5 Penny 's amongst customers that subscribe for their newletter. Check out what it looks like here!
At the end of the month Raoul Petrus joined our staff. He will be strengthening our sales team. Raoul has extensive experience in the skate industry, working for the Skatezone in Amsterdam. The longboardvirus definitely got to him. Raoul is one of founders of Longboard Europe, a pan-european platform to unite  longboarders. He is the founder of the Dutch Longboarding Association (DLA). Raoul also published 0031longboarding, and is one of the driving forces behind 020longboarding, the Amsterdam  longboardscene. Raouls enthusiasm fits perfectly to our dynamic environment.
We are very happy having him around.