The amount of orders increased substantially this year. We receive orders by e-mail, by phone, spreadsheet or sometimes the ordersheet, which is available under Support/Resellers. Many times the orders are not complete, like missing duro of wheels, no sizes mentioned, or not clear if a complete or deck only is ordered. The effort to resolve all these issues is quite time consuming and makes processing orders slower. Therefore we have decided to implement procedures to speed up processing an order. Eventually we hope to have a webbased order application.
For now, we are focussing on stimulating our dealers to use the orderform under Support/Resellers. It has been completely renewed. The layout of the orderform and pricelist is completely different than before. In the orderform only entries can be made in the fields "Quantity" and "Comments". We can process this orderform much faster. Orders that are sent to us by using the orderform will have priority over all other type of orders, which have to be processed completely manually and therefore will be  much more time consuming. It is important always to use the latest orderform, which is always to be found under Support/Resellers.
We implement this procedure in an effort to cut back our process time of orders. We do hope our dealers will understand and help us improve by using the orderform frequently.
And again new shipments came in. These arrived:
Rayne Longboards, Original Skateboards, Penny Skateboards, Z-Flex, Kebbek, Triple8, Bustin Boards, Airflow Skateboards, Mindless Longboards, Kahuna Creations, Madrid Skateboards, Venom Bushings, Venom Wheels, Abec11 wheels, Retro wheels, Pink wheels and Surf Rodz Trucks.

Randal Trucks
and Buddy Carr Skateboards and Metro wheels will arrive May 27th. Comet Skateboards, EarthWing Skateboards and probably another shipment of Surf Rodz will arrive May 30th.
Never Summer is expected first half of June.
Tsunami Longboards are expected mid June.
Sayshun Longboards is expected end of June.
Some models of Bustin Boards will be delivered mid June.

See also Stock Update of May 11th on the other brands.
The warehouse is quite full again, but that changes fast!
Compared to the Stock Update of May 11th, not much has changed.

Rayne will arrive early in this week, Triple8 and Bustin in the second half of the week. Original is one week delayed, so that will be May 23rd.
Kahuna just launched their newest model Big Stick, and it is adjustable!

The Adjustable Kahuna Big Stick comes with an adjustable black aluminum shaft, which allows riders to change the size by simply pushing in a pin and adjusting the length. This Kahuna Big Stick features our completely unique,
brand-new soft grip that makes riding unbelievably comfortable.

Featured on bottom of the Adjustable Big Stick is the Kahuna Blade™.

Shaped in the image of the native Hawaiian Lei-o-mano weapon, the Kahuna Blade is the ultimate innovation in skateboard technology.  The Kahuna Blade is engineered for performance, durability, and is aesthetically killing it.

What it  has:
- Polycarbonate (bulletproof vest material) casing, the pinnacle in
durability and lightweight technology.  The polycarbonate casing provides the
rigidity necessary to house the vulcanized rubber road grip.
- Vulcanized
rubber road grip is the rubber that meets the road.  The Kahuna Creations’
R&D team analyzed the entire stroke path to insure the ride is comfortable,
powerful, and smooth.  The undulated shape of the Kahuna Blade provides proper
leverage at each contact point through the entire stroke path.  Dampening holes
are included to take out weight and deliver the sweetest-feeling stroke
- The blade has two hooks on either side.  This enables the
freestyle rider to hook the board or rail creating countless new
- Removable.  The Kahuna Blade is easily replaced.  Simply remove
two nuts and bolts, and pop on a new Kahuna Blade.

Recommended rider height: 4'-5" - 6'4"
We expect many shipments soon. It seems a lot of the deliveries are a bit delayed, since all manufacturers experience growth of demand.

We expect shipments of Comet Skateboards, Airflow  Skateboards, Triple8, Nersh wheels, Original Skateboards, Bustin Boards, Kebbek Skateboards and Rayne Longboards in the period  May 16nd to May 23th.

- Mindless, all models are on stock except Renegade,  Velocity and Creeper;
- All Big  Sticks of Kahuna Creations are on stock (except Carbon), we also  have all longboards on stock (except Duke);
- Wheels of Abec11, Retro and Pink. Most wheels are on  stock now (except Freerides Multi-color). The next shipment will arrive  appr. May 23rd. All  wheels will be on stock by  then.

We expect a Rayne delivery with  all  models May 16, one week later than previously expected. A  large  part is always pre-booked. If you are  interested in  Rayne, please put in your  orders well in advance, so we can take  them into  account on a next  delivery. These are still on stock: Hustler and Hellcat.

Z-Flex and Penny Skateboards will arrive around May 12th.

All models of  Ladera,  Madrid, Tunnel, Holesom, EarthWing are on  stock.
Koastal  Skateboards are all on stock except Classic and T-Band.
EarthWing Skateboards - All models on stock, Slide B wheels are also on stock.
Tsunami  -  just Free-ride, Pintail, City Surfer and Kicktail left. We expect to be fully stocked on Tsunami end of May.
Comet Skateboards -  out of stock on  Voodoo Doll, Voodoo D2, Ethos  and Greasy Shark, next shipmet expected May 23rd.
Sayshun Longboards - out of stock  on Formula
Buddy Carr  Skateboards - on stock Velocita, Hello and 39, not on stock new 66 and  Barre de Chocolat
Airflow Skateboards - Pump Action, Fast & Furious and Speedwing on stock. New shipment is expected  around May 23rd  with also Martin Siegrist and Foxy  Pro.
Original Skateboards - we are sold out on all  decks (except Manhattan, Hybrid and Torpedo) and trucks. The next shipment  should arrive around May 16th with all available models and trucks, but already  many of the new shipent are pre-booked. Make sure you order well in advance!  Apex 34, Custom 35, Custom 44 are still not available, Terrapin 34 and Path 37  are  discontinued.
Bustin Boards - we expect the first delivery with all models May 16th.
Kebbek Skateboards -  we are waiting for the first delivery, which is estimated to arrive May 16th.
Never Summer - these will be available end of May. We represent Never Summer Longboards now in all European countries, except UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We distribute Never Summer snowboards only in the Benelux.

Randal Trucks - Randal II 180mm raw and blackare out of stock. New stock expected May 16th.
Revenge trucks - Revenge Alpha I is out of stock, new stock expected May 23rd.
Holey trucks, Tracker trucks, X-Caliber trucks and Gunmetal trucksare all well on stock.
Most items of Surf Rodz are on stock in almost all colors. We are out of stock on some bushings. The INDeeSZ adjustable baseplate will be available around end of the month.

All wheels from Tunnel, Nersh, Fireball, Cadillac, Ladera and Venom are on stock.
Some of the wheels of Seismic and 3dm are sold out, we are also sold out on Seismic trucks.