Based on the 1976 Tunnel Competition Skateboard, Tunnel is now shipping the new and improved Tunnel “Comp” Longboard. It’s still 38” long, 9.25” wide,  27.25” wheelbase, with camber and concave to hold your feet in just right.  And it’s still made right here in California. But because a significant number of our customers demanded a more flexy version of the Tunnel Comp, we test rode several batches of samples before coming up with the new Tunnel Comp.  The new Tunnel Comp features composite construction with 6 plys of maple sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of advanced polymer fiber weave.  The result – improved flex for better riding! It looks great too – black weave with a  Tunnel logo on both top and bottom and high-quality spray grip. It’s a perfect all-around longboard - so throw on some trucks and Tunnel wheels and seek out some hills.
In this time of the year we always enjoy a lot of new developments.
Koastal has announced a new truck, the Edge. It will be based upon the Revenge Alpha model, but, like the name says, with more edges. It is a square version of the Alpha I and Alpha II model. Koastal is having the first Meat Loaf de Luxe in production. We hope to have them in stock in April. A downhill model is in development, expected this summer.
Original has announced three new Pintails models in development. Check out the art by Jay Alders:
EarthWing just has launched the Supermodel last month. And also did a run of new carbon Supergliders. Finally the red 65mm 78a and 62mm 78a are available again. All are expected first week of April.
BuddyCarr Skateboards is working on an amazing downhill model. More news expected soon.
Tunnel Skateboards made the Comp longboard available again, this time in a more flexier version. The announcement is also in one of the blogs on this page.
Demand is growing and production is having a hard time to keep up. These models are currently sold out and/or limited available due to production capacity:
- Two Face
- Mini- Fire
- Toss Up
- Pin Tail
Original Skateboards
- Manhattan 27
- Overhead 25
- Derringer 28
Limited available as of first week of April:
- Custom 35
- Apex 34
- Apex 37
We are expecting the new EarthWing Supermodel and Carbon SuperGlider in the first week of April. These decks come in a very limited amount and will be gone fast.
Also EarthWing produced the Red 65mm 78a and 62mm 78a again. Also expected in April at Surf2Go.
The last couple of weeks have been hectic. Many shops around Europe have applied for a dealership. We are happy with the high interest and especially the apparent quality of the stores. We are in this for the love of longboarding, and the same goes for the shops that have started selling our brands. Great, thanks for your support for these beautiful products. They deserve the attention of the European people!